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"I want to get control of my business and finally enjoy my life!"  

If so, get my powerful step-by-step business map which will help you get clear on the business you want and the steps to get there. 

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How to know if you need a coach:

  • You say things like: once I have a bigger house, make more money, gain more confidence, have more time then I will...
  • You play small and hide your ambitions because you're afraid of what people might say
  • You are overwhelmed by doing all the things and find that even with all your effort and passion you can't seem to create a business you love or a life you enjoy
  • You know you can't achieve your big hairy audacious goals with the way you're doing life right now
  • You want so much more but feel stuck and aimless 
  • You want to be proud of the business you've built and the impact you've created, but are unclear of the next steps
  • You're ready to create the life you want right now

Ways we can work together

Are you tired of hoping your life will "get better"? 


You've tried everything just to get to where you are now and that was hard enough. Don't worry, it's actually quite normal. We only drive confidently on roads we've been on before. Without a map or a GPS it's impossible to navigate a brand new city and not get lost or turned around. And yet, we try to do that with our lives. 

The women I've worked with are no different. They struggled to get out of survival mode. What made the difference? They got help. And most important, they made the decision to be their own heroes. You're just as amazing as these women. You can make the choice to go from burnt out to in-control. The women I work with saved themselves from the dragon, got themselves out of the tower and bought their own dang castle. I have had the privilege of guiding them as they journeyed from overworked and over-it to having fun and thriving! I'd love to support you as well. Sometimes all you need is a trustee sidekick to have your back and that's what I'm here for! 

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