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The Biz Con Podcast

Your personal business and money business go hand in hand. They can both be enjoyed and they can both be amazing. Don't be conned into thinking you must sacrifice one for the other. Start today, building a business that matters and creating the life you deserve.
Listen in for simple business advice and funny stories that give you a glimpse behind the scenes of The Business Confidante and empower you to make the moves that matter.

E11 Talk About An Ego

May 23, 2019

Today we get into ego! You know that thing that makes you think things like, "He's such a jerk. He's so full of himself. Does she know who's she's talking to." Or maybe you get quiet and shut down. I hate to break it to you, but both are our egos talking. 

How do you manage that ego so it makes you stronger as a leader, business owner and all things awesome? Christie Garcia, from Mindful Choice Coaching, breaks down the 3 types of egos and what to be on the look out for. She goes into the good, bad and the ugly traits of each type and why it's important to manage it. 

In case you are still on the fence about how important it is to manage your ego, definitely listen in because ego isn't only an issue at work. It plagues us in our personal lives as well and can wreck a relationship before it's ever begun. 

For more information on Christie's upcoming Leadership Academy sign up here and get notified when it opens. 

More on Christie Garcia: 

Christie Garcia is...

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E10 How To Be Your Best Self

May 16, 2019

 Have you done the inner mindset work and worked on changing your narrative, but it still feels like something’s missing from the equation? Well, you’d be right. Look, it’s awesome that you now have more confidence and have learnt to change the background music of your mind. And it’s great that you were able to shift your perspective and lose that baggage that caused you to see only negativity in the world, but there’s one more piece of the puzzle that's the icing to this cake....how you show up in the world. While you can now see your value and the value in the world around you, if you still show up as a b$#(! You will still be met with negativity. 

Today’s episode talks about the how and why of becoming your best self. For the record, it has nothing to do with becoming a clone of someone else. You were built to have more impact in the world, but it will hinder you if you keep waiting for “better” rather than creating...

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E9 Create Happy By Changing The Narrative

May 09, 2019

There are lots of people who do the inner work, but for some reason, they can't master that next level. They haven't mastered how to engage with the world around them. The people around them are inconsiderate, mean, and so it goes. They see it as everyone else's problem. And sometimes they'd be right.

Working on yourself is very important, but we can't just stop at how we see ourselves. We have to grow beyond that into how we see the world. We can love ourselves until the end of time, but loving ourselves does nothing for how we engage with the world. Maybe it makes you happier, willing to do the things you never considered before, but as soon as something happens a trigger is pulled. 

How do we control that trigger so that it's not so easy to pull? How do we create happiness for ourselves when life seems so chaotic and disruptive? Check out today's episode where we discuss what might be wreaking havoc on your happiness, how to engage with the world and the...

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E8 Master Your Mindset

May 03, 2019

Today we're diving into the deep end. You see, I've been doing some soul searching. Podcasting has been such a fun endeavor, but I also wanted to make sure that I do what I intended to do from the very beginning and that is to serve you. In my business, the biggest challenge has been getting vulnerable. To put up pictures of myself, quote myself and then to share clips of me behind the scenes or at my speaking engagements has been the hardest, but best thing I've done for my business.

Actually, let me take that back.

The best thing I did was start. The next best thing was being more transparent. That being said, it took a crap-ton of mindset work for me to get to the point where you now see my actual face on social media. I'm still a work in progress, but I finally feel comfortable...okay, mostly comfortable.

Mindset has been the #1 thing that changed the game for me and as I studied my clients and where their shifts happened it was all around mindset. So today, I get real...

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E7 What Does Road Rage Have To Do With Leadership

Apr 24, 2019

 Today I'm doing a show with my husband!! We have 3 little kids and as an entrepreneur, my husband, plays a key role in our family. Without him, my 6 year old might have tattoos and my 4 year old would be robbing banks. Fortunately, for me and all of society, I have a very supportive husband. We love to chat about leadership and for some reason that conversation always comes up when we are driving and the subject of road rage arises.

We talk about how road rage and leadership go hand in hand and we also discuss what it's like to be married to an entrepreneur. He also goes into some of the oddities that come with being married to an asian. You don't have to be asian to relate - there are many of you #closetasians out there who will completely understand. 

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E6 Let's Talk About Money, Honey

Apr 18, 2019

It's the money talk! If you aren't sure how to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be, this is the show for you. We talk about how to set goals, work backwards and what things you need to consider when setting your goals. 

We often avoid the money talk and just "hope" we'll do well, but then we put so much effort into our products and wonder why it doesn't make us the kind of money we are hoping for or why our business is so overwhelming and exhausting - it's because we created a model without a tangible strategy.

I've put together a free PDF to go along with this episode to help you figure this out for yourself. Download it and allow yourself to start dreaming big for your business. This is just the beginning of the money conversation, but it is a great place to start!

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E5 What is success and how to finally get it!

Apr 10, 2019

Success, ahhhh. That ever elusive creature in the wild...until today.

Today we talk about success. I was "stuck" in corporate chasing an idea of success and it wasn't until I was in-debt and working 2 jobs where I finally realized what success actually was and wasn't. This is what I spoke about at the Soul Success Summit this past weekend and if you apply the action steps we go through it will help you create success immediately.

If you feel overworked and overwhelmed in pursuit of your business this episode is for you. There is no need to wait for the promise of ONE DAY...ugh, that thought alone drives me crazy. You aren't promised one day so why wait when you can get it now?

There are 2 key questions you must ask yourself that we discuss in this episode. Once you've answered them you will be able to use it to structure your business so you can feel and enjoy success now instead of later. 
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E4 Conversation with Hallie Avolio

Apr 03, 2019

This Sassy, Health, Fit entrepreneur is making things happen. We go behind the scenes of her business today and the story behind her journey. Hallie Avolio is a lifestyle entrepreneur with a focus on women's empowerment.

If you feel like life is happening to you instead of for you, you'll definitely want to hear how Hallie changed her life and got in control. 
Hallie talks about the great meltdown of 2018 - her meltdown in a small dressing room that literally changed her life. She also talks about how she has tried on different entrepreneurial endeavors to finally land in the one that aligns with her purpose and how he manages it with 3 kids. Hallie is all about keeping it simple, sustainable and fun and you hear that throughout the interview. We laugh about panties and cricket protein bars...yes, crickets. 
Get to know Hallie through this interview and come visit us in Santa Barbara at the Soul Success Summit from April 6th & 7th,...
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E3 Podcast Interview with Mary Allison Brown

Mar 28, 2019

 Meet Mary Allison Brown, a therapist, coach and speaker  - and also a stress ninja. If you've ever battled with self-sabotage or you have a tendency to minimize your problems and stuff them down - you've got to listen in. 
She talks about how one woman's suicide attempt brought about her coaching practice and how she, even after years as a trauma therapist, needed a coach to finally make some headway in her own life and business. 
We talk about self-sabotage, putting yourself on the back-burner, being grateful to fear and the one thing to stop saying to help your brain, help you.  
Get to know Mary Allison through this interview and come visit us in Santa Barbara at the Soul Success Summit from April 6th & 7th, 2019 where we will both be speaking. 
Mary Allison can help you break up with stress FOREVER and her course, "Stress Proof Your Life"  has tactical steps to take starting today! ...
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E2 Podcast Interview with Alex Badita

Mar 20, 2019

Have you ever thought, "What is the meaning of life?" or maybe wondered if everyone has a rough time on this road of entrepreneurship? If so, then you'll want to meet Alex. Alexandra Badita was a writer for huge publications like Marie Claire and National Geographic and tried to become an entrepreneur 3 times before it took. 

On todays show we follow Alex's journey from corporate writer to published author, coach and international speaker. We dive into why Alex and I will be besties even though we've never met, writing as therapy, self-esteem, inventing the word impressivity, the practice of gratitude and the woo-woo in terms of your brain. I also ask her to share what business for her looks like behind the scenes. We talk about the hardest part of starting her own business and the truth about overnight success. Hint: It doesn't exist!
Get to know Alex through this interview and come visit us in Santa Barbara at the Soul Success Summit from...
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