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The Biz Con Podcast

Your personal business and money business go hand in hand. They can both be enjoyed and they can both be amazing. Don't be conned into thinking you must sacrifice one for the other. Start today, building a business that matters and creating the life you deserve.
Listen in for simple business advice and funny stories that give you a glimpse behind the scenes of The Business Confidante and empower you to make the moves that matter.

Podcast Interview with Alex Badita

Mar 20, 2019

Have you ever thought, "What is the meaning of life?" or maybe wondered if everyone has a rough time on the road to entrepreneurship then you'll want to meet Alex. Alexandra Badita was a writer for huge publications like Marie Claire and National Geographic and tried to become and entrepreneur 3 times before it took. 

On todays show we follow Alex's journey from corporate writer to published author, coach and international speaker. We dive into why Alex and I will be besties even though we've never met, writing as therapy, self-esteem, inventing the word impressivity, the practice of gratitude and the woo-woo in terms of your brain. I also ask her to share what business for her looks like behind the scenes. We talk about the hardest part of starting her own business and the truth about overnight success. Hint: It doesn't exist!
Get to know Alex through this interview and come visit us in Santa Barbara at the Soul Success Summit from April 6th...
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The VERY FIRST episode of The Biz Con

Mar 15, 2019

Wow, I finally did it! I've been thinking about doing this for years...years and only now am I publishing my first podcast. This very first episode is a look at why The Business Confidante started, the short version, and all the stars that had to align in order for me to leave my corporate job and do what I wanted most - build a business that matters, create the life I deserve. Really, that my family deserves. 

Remember this is the first episode so be kind! I did not perfect it although I was tempted to, but knowing me that means you'd never hear the podcast. I'm a huge believer that action is better than perfection so I had to take my own advise and just get this out. 

The Biz Con Podcast will have interviews, trainings and on-air coaching. More than anything it is meant to serve you and give you the tools to do what matters most to you - whether that's building a business you love or creating a life you deserve or, better yet, both! So let's stop with all the...

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