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E7 What Does Road Rage Have To Do With Leadership

Apr 24, 2019

 Today I'm doing a show with my husband!! We have 3 little kids and as an entrepreneur, my husband, plays a key role in our family. Without him, my 6 year old might have tattoos and my 4 year old would be robbing banks. Fortunately, for me and all of society, I have a very supportive husband. We love to chat about leadership and for some reason that conversation always comes up when we are driving and the subject of road rage arises.

We talk about how road rage and leadership go hand in hand and we also discuss what it's like to be married to an entrepreneur. He also goes into some of the oddities that come with being married to an asian. You don't have to be asian to relate - there are many of you #closetasians out there who will completely understand. 

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