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E8 Master Your Mindset

May 03, 2019

Today we're diving into the deep end. You see, I've been doing some soul searching. Podcasting has been such a fun endeavor, but I also wanted to make sure that I do what I intended to do from the very beginning and that is to serve you. In my business, the biggest challenge has been getting vulnerable. To put up pictures of myself, quote myself and then to share clips of me behind the scenes or at my speaking engagements has been the hardest, but best thing I've done for my business.

Actually, let me take that back.

The best thing I did was start. The next best thing was being more transparent. That being said, it took a crap-ton of mindset work for me to get to the point where you now see my actual face on social media. I'm still a work in progress, but I finally feel comfortable...okay, mostly comfortable.

Mindset has been the #1 thing that changed the game for me and as I studied my clients and where their shifts happened it was all around mindset. So today, I get real with you about what I've been through and how mindset has brought me to where I am today. We discuss what it is, why it's such a big deal and how to change your brain to win the game. 

My truest hope is that this episode encourages you to create the change you need and that it also shows you it's not impossible. I can't wait to see how these 4 steps change your life and your business. Please let me know so I can share your success and encourage others!

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I didn't forget. Here is the link to that article I told you about on ThinkGrowProsper!



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