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E9 Create Happy By Changing The Narrative

May 09, 2019

There are lots of people who do the inner work, but for some reason, they can't master that next level. They haven't mastered how to engage with the world around them. The people around them are inconsiderate, mean, and so it goes. They see it as everyone else's problem. And sometimes they'd be right.

Working on yourself is very important, but we can't just stop at how we see ourselves. We have to grow beyond that into how we see the world. We can love ourselves until the end of time, but loving ourselves does nothing for how we engage with the world. Maybe it makes you happier, willing to do the things you never considered before, but as soon as something happens a trigger is pulled. 

How do we control that trigger so that it's not so easy to pull? How do we create happiness for ourselves when life seems so chaotic and disruptive? Check out today's episode where we discuss what might be wreaking havoc on your happiness, how to engage with the world and the first steps to creating happy. 

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