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What is the Biz Con Podcast about?


The Biz Con is a place where I get up in your business, both personal and work and attempt to show you that it’s a con to think you MUST sacrifice one for the other.

We go behind the scenes of real businesses through my own story and of those I interview. I provide trainings and tips for your own life and business that will hopefully inspire you and make you laugh. My goal is that at the end of every show you are left with ONE thing that, if you implement it, will change the game for you.

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What is The Business Confidante about?


 I am a huge believer in small businesses and entrepreneurs. Small businesses are the heart of the community and if the heart is healthy so will the community be. I've watched as:

  • Businesses that were around for decades close because there's no one to run the place or they don't know how to let the business go on without them
  • Too many put their lives on hold for "later" with no end to the madness in sight
  • Bosses and owners let their stress affect their leadership both on the job and in the community

As a mom, I saw the effects of my unhealthy work ethic seep into my own home and affect those I loved most. They got what was leftover of me even though they deserved only the best. I couldn't shake the idea that there was a better way.  It was my firsthand experience that taught me just how much an unhealthy business or work ethic could create an unhappy life. It donned on me that it worked the other way too.

I made it my mission to create change and that's what I do through The Business Confidante. I help women just like you become the hero of your own story. I help you build a business you love and start living a life as big as your dreams. When we thrive our families flourish, when small businesses thrive communities prosper. 

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